Tami's Unexpected Marriage Miracle...

Below is Tami's miracle in her own words...


"When I called Michael, I had already been trying to save my marriage.   My husband had come to me 6 months prior and told me that he wanted a divorce.  Devastated, and in disbelief, after many hours of talking I convinced him to stay and work on it with me.  I promised him that he could get that feeling of being in love with me back if he was willing to work with me. 

"We decided to take some dance classes together.  We did that for about a month but it didn't seem to be helping.  That's when I caught him lying to me about where he was because he had taken a girl from work out to dinner. 

"I was going to move out to Wyoming then, but he promised to go to counseling with me and so we did.  It did help for a while, but it soon became apparent that things were only getting worse and he continued to tell me that he still didn't love me. 

"I was a complete mess, feeling terrible about myself and my situation, and I was very afraid for my 4 children that we would end up like so many other marriages as being another statistic of failure.   My youngest, my little girl was only a year old at the time and had been brain injured shortly after birth affecting all of her motor skills.  She is almost three now and still doesn't roll over, or crawl and is fed via G-tube.   I was still going through the mourning process of loosing her, at least the idea of what a parent imagines for their child, when he told me he wanted a divorce. 

"I was already emotionally drained and him wanting a divorce seemed to take me over the edge.  I needed a miracle

"I didnít really know if Michael could help me or not, but his consultation was free, so I thought, what do I have to lose?

"Michael quickly put me at ease, and what he had to say amazed me.  I felt his advice should be common sense to everyone, but I'd never heard things put so clearly.

"Right away Michael helped me find a lot more compassion for myself and my husband.  And things started to improve...  But, it soon became apparent that my husband was committed to going his own way, and experiencing some major life changes.

"Michael helped me access courage and peace in dealing with the situation, and I ended up moving out to Wyoming to stay with my family.  It was only supposed to be a month vacation but I knew it would likely end up being more then that.  There, I had love and support, and my husband and I would have some much needed space to think things through.  Secretly I had hoped my husband would miss my kids and me, and ask for us to come back but he didn't even call.   A week after we arrived in Wyoming he told me over the phone that he was sure he didn't want to be with me anymore and that he wanted a divorce.  But some how I still didn't believe him.  We had always had a good marriage until the last couple years and I'd always felt lucky to be with him for the most part.....and I just still couldn't believe that it would really be over.  I could understand the going through a midlife crisis, but what I had a hard time understanding was him being ok with his children growing up with out him.

"A few months later he flew out to see the kids for a week.  During this time I left and flew back to where we were living to see friends.  I had hoped that a week alone with his children would again, wake him up and remind him of what he was losing.  On my return he told me that he had missed me and acted like he wanted to get back together.  He spoke of finding a job in Wyoming and how he would have to get used to living in a smaller town. My mother even thought he was sincere. 

"But after leaving Wyoming, again, over the phone he said that he didn't know what he wanted and since he didn't know we needed to move forward with the divorce.  Devastated again, after he had given me some hope of getting back together, I realized at this time that it really was over and that I really did need to move on.  I cried for an entire day. But once I stopped crying I was comforted because in working with Michael I knew that I had done everything that I could do. 

"Michael had helped me to focus on being loving and non judging instead of focusing on trying to control my husband.  He helped me to love and honor myself and my husband, and be committed to us both being happy--instead of trying to stay married at all costs.  He also helped me to trust that things would work out for the best.

"So, maybe I should have expected what was to happen next?

My Completely Unexpected Miracle!!!

"Unbeknownst to me, I was about to meet my future husband--just one week later--a man, who loves me with a love I've never experienced before!

"If youíve ever seen the movie, Hope Floats, it was kind of like that. I went to a meeting to plan our 20 year class reunion, and a man recognized me as the girl he had a crush on in 3rd grade. 

"He knew who I was the moment I walked in! 

"He would later tell me that he wrote love notes to me way back then, but had never had the guts to give them to me.  Then in 7th grade he bought me a necklace and never had the guts to give it to me.  Then I moved away in 8th grade, and thatís the last weíd seen of each otherÖ until I walked into the meeting that night.

"A few weeks later, we got to talking, started dating, and we've been together ever since.

"Iíd only been dating him for a week, and was driving home one night, I felt a deep warmth in my chest that lasted for 4 days straight and it didnít go away.  Later he told me that he felt the same feeling the first time I walked into the meeting that first night.

"One month later, I was wearing an engagement ring.  I was freaked out that I wasnít freaked out.  But it just felt natural and right from the very beginning.  I felt such a peace with him that I'd never experienced before.  

"When we met I had worried about what he would think because I had 4 children and one with cerebral palsy and was sure that it would scare him away....but it didn't even phase him.  He didn't care.  No one has ever loved me like this man, and Iíve never felt so incredible or at peace. 

"My children immediately loved him too.  We had only been dating for two weeks when my 7 year old said to me, "Mom, you know..... you are divorced and Tim is divorced so you know you guys can just get married."  I laughed and said, 'Oh ya, do you think we should get married.'"  And he said, " Ya, I do mom."   Well, we took his advice and we just got married August 7th, 2010! 

"I have never felt such an intense love as I do from Tim.  I have never felt this before.  I knew my first husband loved me, but I feel it was more of a conditional kind of love.  I donít feel that from Tim.

"The thing about working with Michael.  He helps people get beyond their selfishness and their pride, and helps them access a deep understanding and compassion. 

"He helped me stand courageously for my marriage, and honor my husband and myself at the same time.

"Then, when it was over, I was able to walk way with PEACE OF MIND, knowing I'd done everything that I could.  Instead of being stuck in guilt, depression and fear, I was able to move on--not looking back.

"The pain isnít any less painful.  It still hurts, and it still makes me sad at times, especially for my children.  Because every child deserves to be with both parents.  But what's so beautiful is that my children now get to see their mother being loved, honored and cherished.  They get to see their mother happy and in love.  They get to see how a women should be treated and they know they are safe and deeply loved.   

"My now 8 year old said to me not long ago, "Mom, you are always smiling and happy."  That made me smile because  all they saw for about two years was a sad mom who was always crying.  But now that they see that I am happy, they are happy too."

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