Rachael's Miracle...
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This is an early rough cut of a 'trailer' for a series of videos about Rachael's Miracle.  Below, Rachael and I discuss her journey...

OPERATION Phoenix Family
An emerging VisionForce initiative to support families rising from crisis.

If you've noticed that I've been pretty quiet the last few years, here's why.  I've been applying VisionForce methodologies to some very specific crises in our world--such as the crisis of families ruptured by divorce, as Rachael's was. 

The emotional trauma affects not just the parents and children, but every relationship they go on to have after a marriage dissolves.  I know... my 5 siblings, my parents and I are STILL recovering.  And many of us are still struggling in our relationships.

Personally, I believe standing for a world of peace and prosperity is a joke if we're not willing to face ourselves, our own personal relationships and the trauma that so many of us carry into our daily lives.

It's time to face the crisis of fracturing families--head on.  So, that's I'm doing.

In January 2009, I focused the powerful VisionForce work on supporting mothers at the depths of family crisis.  And, over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing the story of one visionary mother in particular. 

Rachael's courageous journey into the fire of her pain, and her glorious return to life and love inspires me daily.  You'll be hearing more about VisionForce's initiatives to heal families through Operation Phoenix Family in the future.

For now, I hope my sharing some of Rachael's story and videos of her standing for her love and her family inspires you as much as it does me.

And if you know a mother, who is facing a very challenging family crisis (or if that's you), please invite her to contact me for a free consultation.  We're continuing to hone our work to supporting families thriving!

Standing with you and for you,

Michael Skye

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Michael Skye