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Courageous Mother:  If you're going through a divorce, separation--or feel like you may be on the verge of losing the man you love, please don't go it alone...

"Let Me Take You By The Hand
And Together We'll Begin To
Turn Your Relationship Around
In As Little As 48 Hours 

- No Matter How Impossible
It Seems Right Now"

I'll show you step-by-step exactly what to say and do to turn your relationship around - especially when you're the only one who wants to turn it around...

Michael Skye
Founder, VisionForce

Austin, Texas

Dear Committed and Courageous Mother,

    Of course, you want to save your marriage and your family. 

    You can feel the pain your children are in, and you're afraid for what a divorce would do to them.  You desperately want to make all it work out, feel at peace in your heart, and keep your family strong.

     But it's tough.  You're hurting.  And your husband (or partner) doesn't seem to have the desire, the will or the skills to make things work. 

    I don't know the particular details of your story.  But I watched as my mother went through humiliation, grief, despair, anxiety, anger, guilt... to no end.  And I've been there for quite a few mothers during the most trying times of their life. 

    Mothers inspire me to no end.  I know you'd do just about anything for your children.  A mother's love knows no bounds. 

     You've probably tried forgiving your husband, accepting him, listening to him--and everything else under the moon... but it's not working.  You deeply desire to be joyous and deeply fulfilled in your life--and with your husband and the father of your children.  You're simply not willing to settle for less.

     That's where I come in.

     As you may know by now, many people call the VisionForce events, "the most powerful experience of my life."  And it's not because we get people all psyched up, play loud music or walk on hot coals. 

     It's because they experience their power to transform their relationships with self and others beyond what they ever thought possible, using our cutting-edge yet simple, common-sense approaches.

     About 18 months ago, we began to offer our services specifically to mothers facing a family crisis--and with SPECTACULAR RESULTS.  I believe our approach can work with any mother who is deeply committed to her family's well being and her own happiness. 

    If that's you, and you are ready to take a stand for your happiness, your marriage and your family, then I invite you to find out for yourself.

Put me to the test!

     I want to continue to test my approach against the most challenging relationship situations.

     Give me just 90 minutes on the phone with you (you must be willing to be completely honest and open with me) and 48 hours later I'll hand you a precise roadmap guaranteed to make "miracles" happen in your relationship in no time at all.    

     90 minutes is all it takes for me to assess the situation and get everything I need to design a custom roadmap to making the "impossible" happen in your relationship. 

     Virtually anyone can turn their relationship around, but not with conventional wisdom about relationships or communication.

     The common wisdom about relationships is full of myths.  The following seven are especially DANGEROUS and can hammer the final nail in the relationship coffin, if you're not careful...

Myth 1:  "People never change."

     If you believed this, you probably wouldn't be reading this page.  You're on a course of personal and spiritual growth, because you know that by taking full responsibility for your life and relationships, you CAN turn things around.

Myth 2:  "You can't change anyone but yourself." 

     The truth is you CAN change people.  You do it all the time, whether you realize it or not.  Odds are you've already changed how your man thinks about you, communicates with you and interacts with you! 

     Of course, trying to change a person almost ALWAYS BACKFIRES.  Yet, still we  try.  Even if we're not doing it consciously, we all have ways we've learned to get attention and get our way.  The other person can feel this, resents it and resists it.

     After failing to change the other person the way we want, we get frustrated and walk away from the relationship murmuring, "You can't change anyone but yourself."

     But it's simply not true. 

     The truth is you can completely turn things around.  You can liberate, inspire and influence the growth of this man, much the way you can nourish a flower to grow and blossom--and you can do it without much effort at all--without even trying to (Especially, when you have the approach I'm going to show you...)

Myth 3:  "I've tried just about everything. 
There's nothing more I can do.

     Of course you've tried just about everything you know to try, because your family means the world to you.  And you're frustrated and tired of being the one who always takes responsibility for the relationship.

     But there's one approach you haven't tried, and in my opinion until you do this one thing, nothing you do will work.  And you'll most likely be giving up on a relationship that has a lot of potential.  (I want to explain this approach to you--for free, if you'll let me--keep reading...)

Myth 4:  "I know him."

      When you get hurt in relationship with someone, your mind will naturally forms conclusions about that person to protect yourself from future pain.  It's as if your mind is saying, don't trust him, because he's __________.  Too stubborn,  too shallow, too arrogant.  Too whatever.

      These conclusions might feel true for you.  But in reality, they are protection mechanisms, which separate you from the man you love.  He most certainly does not feel understood, respected or appreciated, when you act as if your conclusions about him are true.

     Consider that many of the conclusions your mind has formed about him are keeping you from discovering who he really is.  They're preventing the kind of endless intrigue and curiosity that keeps two people growing closer and closer.

     What's worse is these conclusions also become justifications for giving up on the relationship altogether--and feeling OK about it.  But they simply aren't true.

     In my opinion, you can trust the fear-based judgments of your mind, or you can trust the power of your love as a woman and a mother.  One approach will kill your relationship, the other can heal it. 

     Sadly, most advice people get from friends, family and even experts comes from fear, because they don't want to see you get hurt anymore.

    I contend that if you are not willing to let down your walls, and be vulnerable with this man you love, you will not be able to access the completely miraculous power of your love.  Saving your marriage and your family isn't a job for your head--it's one for your heart.

     It's your love and trust--not your fear and judgments--which can bring your family closer than ever before.  It's your love and trust that can inspiring your man to step up, grow and mature into the man he longs to be.  That's what my approach is all about--accessing the absolutely miraculous power of your love!

Myth 5:  "I need him to 'do his part.' 
It's got to be 50/50."

     You don't need your husband to attend couples coaching, marriage counseling or mediation with you. 

     You don't need him to do or say the things that you think will make you happy.

     Thinking you need the other person to do their part never works.  It leads to conscious or unconscious attempts to change or manipulate the other person, and only leads to resentment and frustration for everyone.

     When the other person doesn't do their part, this becomes an excuse for you to leave, give up, fight, manipulate, get upset, get frustrated, etc.

 Myth 6:  "It takes two to change a relationship."

     It may "take two to tango," but it only takes one to transform a relationship.

     You don't need the other person to work on the relationship with you!   In fact, when your relationship is in a crisis, trying to work on it together is one of the best ways to KILL your relationship. 

     You have a much better shot at turning things around, if you do it incognito--without him even having a clue that you're up to something!  I'll explain why...

Myth 7:  "Being selfish is wrong. 
I should compromise more."

     It's great that you won't settle for less than what your marriage and family could be.

     Compromising and settling for less is one of the most dangerous approaches for relationships.  Who cares about keeping the peace, if you're both miserable?  Who cares about getting along, if you're both suffering inside? 

     Stand up for your happiness, for the other person's happiness, and for everything you want in relationship!  You can have it--I promise you.  But you must be willing to do what it takes to get this part of your life handled once and for all.

     That's where I come in.

     I want to share our most powerful approach with you...

The "No-Fail" Approach to
Transforming Relationships

     This approach is so powerful, because it is based in the miraculous power of love.  Your love.

    It's NOT about manipulating anyone, or trying to control outcomes.  If you try to manipulate him into staying with you, he will be resentful whether he stays or goes, and both of you will end up in a low-trust relationship with walls around your heart.  And, your children will feel this resentment and distrust every single day, even if you try to mask it with a smile or a happy tune. 

    My heart says the path forward MUST be a path of love.  Love for you.  Love for him.  Love for your children.  What does your heart say?

    You might not feel courageous enough to trust your love right now--it can be scary.  But when you feel your love, you don't need courage.  Love is always greater than fear--if you're willing to FEEL DEEPLY.

     This love-based approach heals the wounded hearts of everyone involved--you, him and your kids.  And while the results can be lightening quick, it's not a quick-fix.  It's a path, a journey. 

    And, in my experience, if there is one person who is fully willing to feel their love, this approach works every time. 

    I've been supporting mothers almost exclusively with this approach for the past 18 months, and am always so inspired by the depth and power of a mother's love.  And I'd like to offer my support to you.

For A Very Limited Time, I Am Offering A Free 50-Minute "Miracle Session" To Courageous Mothers

     Every so often, I offer some free 50-minute Miracle Sessions to mothers, who inspire me (and I haven't done this in about 8 months--since 2009!).... And right now, I'm offering these again for a very limited time. 

    If you are willing to face your fears, your grief, your pain... and stand for miracles with your family RIGHT NOW, then I invite you to request a free 50-minute "Miracle Session" with me.

    I will take time to listen to you with all my heart and get a deep sense of what you're feeling and facing.  I'll give you some immediate advice, tell you more about my approach, and see if you desire to employ it with your family.

     At that point, if you do desire to use my special approach, and we both feel like we're a good fit, then we can talk about working together further.

     It's that simple. 

     You can see AMAZING RESULTS in very little time, but this is not a "quick fix" approach.  You'll have to do the work it takes to turn things around.  It's not an easy journey.  You may feel some fear, guilt or stress at that thought of turning this relationship around--but it's actually deeply liberating, rewarding and it can even be fun.

    But I can only accommodate a very limited number of free consultations right now, so please only complete the information form below if, you're willing to invest time and money to turn things around.  If you're situation is urgent, please call 1-877-844-6667 and leave a message anytime, day or night.

Apply Below

     Enter your information below to request a Free 50-Minute Miracle Session with me.  I'll contact you to set up a time that works for both of us.  There's no obligation whatsoever.

Standing with you and for you,

Michael Skye
Founder, VisionForce
Toll Free # 1-877-844-6667

(c) copyright 2008-2010, VisionForce.

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